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We are Dedicated to the Conservation of the Wild Turkey and the Preservation of our the Hunting Tradition

Hunting the Wild Turkey in San Diego County

DFG Forms & DFG Guide to Turkey Hunting

The California Department of Fish and Game form “FG 994 (7-72)” is one of those little things that  you may  wish to have a few of in your car or truck when you’re  out scouting or just driving about in the off season and spot some birds.  Boy O Boy it dose pay to have written permission when your hunting on someone’s land.  Matter of fact, it can save you a hefty fine and or a court appearance.
Here is where to get it:   DFG form FG994
Print some up and put them with your maps & GPS.  You never know when an owner will give you the OK. Oh Ya, don’t forget the pen and if you get one signed ‘Get it Copied and Laminated’. So, when you carry it in the field, it dose not get all sweaty and fall apart. Hey, do not forget to add your hunting buddy’s name to the document before it is signed. They may just put your name on their form that they get signed.


If you ever get to hunt on someone’s else’s land, please do not forget to pick up your trash (ie – shell casings) and pack it out. Do not forget the owner can revoke the privilege of hunting on their land as well as getting a preconceived disdain for the rest of us.


The DFG Guide to Wild Turkey Hunting




Why so many maps?   – It seems that each agency’ maps are specific to their land holdings (Federal vs State vs local City vs local County agencies) and do not delineate other agencies’ holdings. This simple fact may cause you access issues.  So, it behooves you to have the other agencies maps to ensure you’re at the right place and getting to those places the “Right”(of) way.


Cleveland National Forest

First, here is a good phone number to have on hand.  It is the Cleveland National Forest Supervisors Office number, which is 1-858-673-6180 Why?  This phone number has updated information about road closures that will not be on the maps.  It is a good thing to check the day before you go driving out to your “favorite” spot.


Another quick point to bring up is the “Adventure Pass”.  In some areas of the forest it may be require to display an “Adventure Pass“ in your parked car.  Ya, it’s no fun to come back to a ticketed (or towed) vehicle. Sure, it is another expense that many of us do not wish to or can bear. So, what are you going to do? (We will discuss this later.) Check out this site to be sure your covered. Areas with US Forest Services Recreation Fees.



Cleveland National  Forest  Map – 2006

Comment:  We like the fold-out & coated one which is easy to pack/carry & you can see larger areas all @ one time – It can be cumbersome and  Ya , you can’t see through it when driving.


Cleveland National  Forest  Atlas   Check out the 7 ½’ Quadrangle Topographic Maps

Comment:  It is also easy to pack/carry & but the over-all view is lost and turning pages while driving is as lame as “texting” while driving. You can easily buy the maps on line or by phone and in the past employees and volunteers from the Cleveland National Forest have come to our San Diego Chapters Turkey Tune Up’s (that had been being held at Lake Sutherland for the last few years and are now being held at City of San Diego Reservoirs & Recreation Program Offices – San Vicente Reservoir 12375 Morena Ave. Lakeside, CA 92040) to sell the maps and to provide information about the forest and it’s access.




Cleveland National Forest
United States Department of Agriculture
10845 Rancho Bernardo Road, Suite 200
San Diego, Ca 92127-2107
858-673-6180 – Follow the phone tree
You can reach a customer service specialist during our business hours by calling them @ 406-329-3024 & or check out their on line sites at; MAPS US Forest Service


Bureau of Land Management

BLM maps another good investment.  We suggest you have the Borrego Valley and El Cajon maps which encompass a large portion of lands the Wild Turkey now inhabits.  The maps are inexpensive and easy to purchase but don’t hold up to well to too a hot cup of coffee.

Check out their maps and how to order information at: MAPS BLM Consider the; San Diego, El Cajon, Borrego Valley & El Centro maps to start.


Bureau of Land Management
California State Office
2800 Cottage Way   Suite W-1623
Sacramento, CA 95825-1886

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Nice and easy, but it sure would be nice to have the longitude and latitudes of the boarders delineated.  You may want to check out the areas with your GPS prior to hunting.  The maps are on line so you can print and compare the on line information your other maps. The Ecological Reserves and Wildlife Areas have different regulations that I advise you familiarize yourself with them as well as being sure of the access route you take to get there.


DFG Ecological Reserves - Boden Canyon


DFG Wildlife Area - San Felipe Valley


Just as a note if your just getting started, it would be wise of you to get involved with a group like the National Wild Turkey Federation – San Diego Chapter and put in the time.  Most hunting outdoors groups and their membership  are not going to give up their spots they been working on for months  just because you show up to a meeting the week before the season opens.
I also have a small magnifying device with a built battery operated light and compass by “UltraOptix” that comes in handy for me when I’m reading the maps.  Ya, I know, the eyes are the 1st thing to go.

Our last suggestion is to have a “The Thomas Guide” by RAND McNALLY in your vehicle  as well as your GPS.